Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hot Water Burns Like Fire


In 2013, Andy Warstar continued his musical odyssey on the internet, releasing his new solo works and advertising for bandmates on local websites. A few people answered the advertisements, but were found to be either stubborn about accepting Andy's leadership role in the band, else revolted by Andy's hilariously demented sense of humor. However, there are important lessons to be learned in life, and your old pal Andy Warstar teaches such lessons with his music.

Take, for example, the album cover of "Hot Water Burns Like Fire". When Andy Warstar was sitting in the doctor's office last week waiting to find out if he had asthma, he noticed a brochure on the wall depicting a screaming child with a sign boldly emblazoned upon his forehead saying "Hot Water Burns Like Fire". Andy thought "What a brave child to walk around with a sign attached to his forehead, and screaming to everyone about the dangers of hot water. Reminds me of Raymond in that movie Rain Man, when he taught us all the dangers of hot water by yelling 'Burn baby! Burn baby!' repeatedly."

And so after Andy Warstar decided the image would make a good album cover and save children from dangerously overheated water, your old pal also checked up on which albums by Andy Warstar & the Warstars that were being downloaded the most. It so happens that there are a number of albums which Andy has no idea why they are so popular (like Shit Sandwich, for example, which is terrible). But nevertheless, Warheads are an interesting and choosy bunch. And insofar as the the album's creation is concerned, Andy realized that there hadn't been a Warstars album in a while. Suddenly, he got the brainstorm to compile his favorite songs from the top 30 albums!

There were a few criteria that needed to be met first: 1) The songs had to be originals 2) The songs had to be, if not the best track, then the best performed or best quality. 3) The songs had to be Andy's favorite, and not necessarily the most popular. The songs also needed to flow nicely together, and ideally have the theme of hot water or a burning sensation. Unfortunately, there weren't many songs about water or fire, but there were plenty of songs about what to do in the event of an emergency. So yeah, you best get on over to the link below and download this fun and unique collection of songs today. Enjoy & Rock On!

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