Monday, March 25, 2013

Never Mined


In 2013, Andy Warstar released the second WARSTARS album of the year (strange, considering Warstars hadn't played together since 2010). And although the title of the album is not on the album cover, it appears in the name of this blog entry: NEVER MINED, i.e. 27 cover songs that were 'Never Mined' and whored out for profit! This Nirvana covers compilation was a long time comin'. Andy Warstar had been playing around with the idea for years because Warstars had jammed on so many Nirvana tunes over the years.

But why did this compilation take so long to be released? Well, take a look around. You won't see very many punk bands doing something so reprehensible as releasing a covers album of tunes by a completely sold-out wanna-be punk rock band like Nirvana. So the concern was that putting this album out while WARSTARS was still actively playing out might cause them the lose fans. Time heals all wounds however, and sometimes you've got to gash those wounds back open by releasing an album that will really irritate the purist punks. The people who aren't irritated by these songs? They're called 'Warheads'.

Never Mined kicks off with the very first Nirvana cover that Warstars ever attempted back in 2001, "Smells Like Warstars". It's obvious that the band wasn't trying very hard. The bass player's mom forced the band to let his 15 year old brother Chris sing on the song, and 'Teen Spirit' was the song Chris wanted to sing. So it's pretty funny shit right here. The album winds it's way on toward more serious attempts at Nirvana songs, like 'In Bloom' and a killer bootleg version of 'Love Buzz -> Attached 2 You' (the latter half of the song being a Warstars original).

A lot could be said about the other songs, including the 2 piece live version of 'Son Of A Gun', which was a feat in and of itself because that Warstars gig almost didn't happen, nor had the drummer ever played that song before! But in keeping with "saving the best for last", there's a very very nice version of Do Re Mi, a rare Kurt Cobain song that Andy Warstar does almost better than the original, and with a true to form Cobain style whine that would make any Nirvana fan proud (and glad somebody took the time to honor Kurt's singing/songwriting).

The last track on the album, 'Justice For Kurt', is a studio track produced in 2002. This song had to be the last nail in the coffin, as it was Andy Warstar's way of getting closure on Kurt's death. After all, WARSTARS is from the Northwest, and Andy Warstar had seen many of the so-called "grunge" bands of the nineties (as well as Nirvana at the No On 9 benefit in Portland, Oregon) back in his high school days. So this whole album is really a rather personal effort on the part of Andy Warstar. And Never Mined finally saw it's release in 2013 because Andy Warstar stopped caring about maintaining 'punk credibility' and just decided to do whatever the heck he wanted. Enjoy & Rock On...

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