Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Catholic Worker - Vol. 2


In 2013, Andy Warstar departed from the Catholic Worker house to live on his own in the suburbs of south Brisbane. It was a tough move since he'd become friends with all the nice college kids at the "Brother Juniper House" (as it came to be known). This was a house where anyone was welcome for tea and conversation, just about any time of day. Six months after Andy left, complications with the landlord meant everyone else was moving out of the house too. Thus, these are the final recordings captured at the Catholic Worker.

Before images of Catholic priests molesting young boys infiltrates your brain, keep in mind that Andy was not involved with an overtly religious organization of some sort. Instead, most of the residents of Brother Juniper were Christian hippie-punks, and not very Christian at all. As a matter of fact, it turned out that Andy Warstar was the only resident who had actually been raised Catholic! Again, this place wasn't about religion, as it was more about community, camraderie and music. Many jams were had as the sun set on the Catholic worker, and a number of them got recorded and compiled on this album, the second to be released in this series.

Herein, you'll find a few nice covers, a few really neat originals, some awesome philisophical conversation, a radio interview, and songs that Andy recorded at his apartment across town. And those songs fit in with the Catholic Worker vibe because, even after Andy moved out of Brother Juniper, he still made a pilgrimage across town on Sundays to visit his friends. Because  kindness and friendship transcends the boundaries of spirituality. It may be of interest to note that The Catholic Worker organization was founded in the 1920's by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day to help the socially disenfranchised in New York City. And when Andy found himself having delusions and nobody would help him out, the kids at Brother Juniper took him in and became his friends. Enjoy & Rock On!

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