Sunday, July 14, 2013

Best Of The Remixes Vol. 2


In 2013, Andy Warstar released all his best studio tracks on a three and a half hour compilation called "Complete Studio Recordings". Although that album was totally epic, Andy Warstar didn't stop there. He set out to compile and release numerous remixes of songs by other bands. Warstar had been working on these songs for quite a while, but plans to release them needed to coincide with the important "Complete Studio Recordings". So it was that "Best Of The Remixes - Vol. 2" was released back to back with "Complete Studio Works".

Whereas "Best Of The Remixes - Vol. 1" showcased Andy Warstar's music with the Warstars, this second volume focuses more on songs by other bands, with only three songs by Andy Warstar & the Warstars. The artists included on this compilation range from Fatboy Slim to Nirvana and the Dandy Warhols. There's a little something here for fans of nearly every sub-genre of alternative rock. Some of the music is meant as a joke (like the remix by a certain corporate shlock rock band). Actually, the Fatboy Slim remix is a joke too, and was only included as a brief introduction. But Andy Warstar took the rest of the album quite seriously, even going so far as to completely reconstruct some of the songs in their entirety.

The Butthole Surfers & Andy Warstar track entitled "Blind Eye Sees All" may be one of the most spectacular moments on this album. The music was composed entirely by Andy Warstar, and the song wasn't actually ever a Butthole Surfers track. The song came about after Warstar painstakingly sampled every piece of spoken audio from the Butthole Surfers only DVD of the same name ("Blind Eye Sees All"), He then used the band's stream of consciousness spoken poetry as lyrics to an eighteen minute techno song. So kick back, relax... Enjoy & Rock On!!!!!

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