Thursday, August 8, 2013

Neil Before Bob


In 2013, Andy Warstar met a guy who ran a record store in downtown Brisbane, Australia. Andy got to chatting with this guy and was asked "What kind of music do you play?" To succinctly answer the question Andy put together two CD compilations to give to the record store guy. One was a "Best Of" the Complete Studio Recordings (which remains unreleased) and the other was this here compilation of Bob Dylan and Neil Young cover tunes. This compilation also includes a couple original Warstar songs, both Dylan tributes.

Andy Warstar took both of these discs down to the fellow at the record store. He and his wife seemed to be expecting something corporate and polished. Well, some of the songs on the first CD were. But not on this disc! Those who are keen know that Punk Folk isn't all wine and roses. This is raw music. When it's good, it's good, and when it's bad, it's good! And because it's Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs, ya can't go wrong. So Andy left that record shop and headed toward the church of indifference, baby! Because it doesn't matter what anybody thinks of your music, really. At the end of the day, you've got to be satisfied enough to either keep going because you like doing it, else be satisfied with what you did and say "O.K. that's it! I'm finished."

With that, Andy Warstar decided that this very well could be his last album, indeed. What better note to end on than a compilation of tribute songs, and done in classic Warstar style! Oh, and for those who missed the pun that is the title of the album "Neil Before Bob", it's like saying two things: "Kneel before Bob!" paying homage to Bob Dylan. Conversely, it's also like saying "I'll listen to Neil before Bob" for those fans who like Neil Young's music better. For Young fans, it may come as a disappointment that there are significantly less Young covers on this album. However, a balance is struck because the Young tunes are done honestly, and with heart. And all the songs here are done with an indifference to the opinions of snobby record store owners who would posture that certain songs are untouchable. F__k all that! Enjoy & Rock On...

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