Monday, December 16, 2013

The Sound Of Mud


In 2013, Andy Warstar decided to quit music forever. He released a final collection of solo recordings entitled "Shreditation", then quickly realized that there needed to be at least one more WARSTARS album for the fans! So Andy Warstar took all his final studio recordings (along with a few older Warstars classics) and compiled them onto one 80 minute compact disc, giving copies to friends, as well as to every member of "The Brian Jonestown Massacre". These songs are "The Sound Of Mud".

"The Sound Of Mud" kicks off with an experimental track, then moves into classic four chord punk rock. The song "Gradeschool" was written 22 years prior, back when Andy was in his first punk band, Orchidalgia. Now, newly re-recorded and mastered, Warstar shows the world how good simple guitar riffs can sound. And though the recording may be slightly muddy, it's o.k. because "The Sound Of Mud" permeates all of existence and we must learn to love it, along with all the sparkling crispness that digital sound provides.

The album moves along to the studio version of "Dangerous Hippie" which utilizes a sample loop from "It's a Fast Driving Rave-up with the Dandy Warhol's 16 minutes" (the last song on the Dandy's first album). This is how Warstar thought of the song Dangerous Hippie, by putting his own lyrics over the top of two simple chords. We move on into "Happiness", the newly recorded classic, and then into "Less Deranged" which is Andy's last known recorded six string guitar original. At this point, the album diverges into some of the best older material, included here for the enjoyment of Andy's close friends.

The album ends with the epic "Blind Eye Sees All". Here, Andy samples Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers only DVD of the same title. This song was meant to go straight to Gibby for approval and remixing, then further release. However, the record label got lazy and ended up rejecting the track for unknown reasons. Still, it's super epic! This whole album flows nicely from start to finish and really captures the experimental side of WARSTARS. And even though Andy had always wanted WARSTARS to be an all star grunge rock band, we can see here that Warstars, though influenced by grunge, was always far more interesting a project. Enjoy & Rock On!!!!

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